Japanese-style Rooms

Komadori Sanso, which first opened in 1776,is built of wood in the traditional style of Japanese mountain lodges. In the elegant tatami mat guest rooms you will be able to experience the comforts and pleasures of Japanese inns .

We have 10 guest rooms.We will show you some of these.

ikaru(Room name)

This room was recently rebuild. All walls are made of Japanese cedar trees.

Room rate is 6500yen/1night/1guest.
From this room , you can see Yokohama , Chiba , The Pacific Ocean

Bupposo (Room name)

This room is a suite room .One is for dining , another is for bed room. Outside of this room, there is a big porch. You can use there as a eating room.

Yamadori(Room name)

This room is new one.We have 5 new rooms and 5 older rooms. Room rate , new ones are 5000yen or more. Older ones are 4500yen or more.

Outside of this room ,there is a big porch.

Komadori(Room name)

We have 10 guest rooms .
You can get a fine view of mountains from every rooms.

Public Bathes

This is a Wood bath. Size :70cm in height two meters in diameter. Another one is of the same size. We have Jet-Bath systems.

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